Summer Baby Essentials for Your Registry

Summer Baby Essentials for Your Registry, image of Savannah Walsh and her family walking outside.

No matter what time of year your little one arrives, at some point you’ll have a summer baby in your arms. Plan ahead for warm-weather adventures with baby gear and accessories that make the outdoors better for everyone.

MyRegistry contributing writer Savannah Walsh is a Canadian blogger, a mom of five little ones, and the face behind That Caffeinated Mom, where she talks pregnancy, birth, and everyday mom life in her own relatable and very candid storytelling style.

One of the things that surprised me the most when becoming a mom was that summertime is as fun for the parents as it is for the kids. Even with babies! Everything just gets easier in the summer... It stays light later, the nice weather makes you want to stay outside longer, there are so many fun activities, and so many fun firsts with a new baby.

But like all things with babies, you need a lot of stuff.

Does that sound ridiculous? Why would you need a lot of stuff for your baby to be able to enjoy the summer?

Well that’s what I thought—until I tried to spend a day at the beach with my first. We got there, set up our towels, sat down and… had nowhere to put the baby.

I’ll just put her on the towel.
Then she’s exposed to full sunlight.

Okay then… I’ll keep her in the stroller with the canopy up.
But then she’ll get super hot.

Okay, okay… I’ll just hold her.
C’mon, Savannah, then you’ll both be sweaty and irritable.

I ended up spending our entire beach trip bouncing around, trying to find a way to keep the baby comfortable while also enjoying myself.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

Yes, there are many great things to do in the summer, but if you’re not prepared, summer can also be brutal with babies. Fortunately there are now many accessories that make summertime fun and convenient and give mom some piece of mind too—which is ultimately what we’re after, right?

If you’re getting started on your registry now, add some warm-weather baby gear to your list so you’re prepared for all the summer adventures to come!

What do babies need in the summer?

Sun Tent

If I’m being honest, when I first saw these gaining popularity I thought they were silly. But when I caved and bought one last year, my world changed. These are THE BEST! They’re a safe, shaded place to put your baby at the beach or park—heck, even in your own backyard. Baby can play in the tent or eat, and even better, they can nap. Best summer investment yet.

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In the U.S.

Water Floaty

Water floats are a great accessory that allow you to spend quality time with your baby in the pool and still be somewhat hands-free. Plus, most babies really love them!

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In the U.S.

Splash Pad

Splash pads are amazing to have in your backyard for hot summer days. The best part is, everyone can enjoy them, from babies all the way up to adults.

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In the U.S.

Rash Guards

We all know it’s critical for baby skin to be protected from the sun. As cute as some swimsuits may be, it all comes down to sun protection. A good UPF-protecting suit that covers baby’s shoulders is a must if you’re going to be out in the sun.

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In the U.S.

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Quick-Dry Hat

We all know sun hats are a must-have with a baby, but what about in the water? Sun hats can get heavy really when they get wet, and then they’re uncomfortable. A quick-drying hat is a great convenience for beach or pool days!

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In the U.S.

Frozen Teethers

No matter how many great products we have to ease the heat and help keep baby comfortable, let’s face it—it gets HOT out there. I always have frozen teethers ready to help cool baby down during summer days.

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In the U.S.

With a little preparation, you won’t need to be intimidated by spending time in the sun with your baby. Just plan ahead, pack what you need, and summertime can be full of outdoor fun for both of you.

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Canadian blogger Savannah Walsh is the mom of five little ones and the face behind That Caffeinated Mom, where she talks pregnancy, birth, postpartum struggles, and everyday mom life in her own relatable and very candid storytelling style. Savannah has created a space for moms from all walks of life to connect over motherhood by telling the real-life story of a regular mom, including the tough parts of motherhood we sometimes shy away from. When Savannah had her first baby, she knew very little about the mom world and quickly felt overwhelmed by the number of options available to her, from baby brands to parenting advice. Over the years, she’s tried just about every baby and kid product there is, along with developing her own parenting style and devising ways to stay sane while balancing a busy household. Savannah joins us every month on MyRegistry to share her stories, mom tips, and favorite baby products.

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