Most Popular Baby Girl Names Right Now

Most Popular Baby Girl Names Right Now, picture of a baby girl laying on her stomach wearing a pink cloth diaper and laying on a white blanket with a stuffed dog attached.

Choosing your baby girl’s name is arguably the biggest decision you’ll make as a new parent. Nothing will stick with her longer than her actual name.

Multiple studies have pointed to advantages and disadvantages that come with different categories of names. According to one study cited in the journal of the American Bar Association, in the male-dominated field of law, women with “stronger,” or gender neutral, names may be more likely to become judges.

It’s even been posited that one’s sense of self is partially shaped by societal expectations, including expectations that come with certain names. So choose carefully — no pressure!

Yearly lists of popular baby names have long been a source of fascination, for parents and non-parents alike. Something about the near-limitless options and the responsibility of naming a human is equal parts thrilling and stress-inducing, and the name-choosing conversation can begin as soon as a couple knows they’re expecting.

Because we’re uniquely interested in baby registries, we thought to approach the “choosing a perfect baby name” conversation through the lens of personalized baby gifts. Below, a list of popular baby girl names as of 2018 (the most recent year reported by the Social Security Administration), along with a selection of personalized baby gifts we think would make good additions to any baby registry.

(Having a boy? See “Most Popular Baby Boy Names Right Now.”)

1. Emma

The number one most popular girl’s name for years, Emma is a classically pretty German name that means “universal.” The meaning is fitting, considering Emma has become an international favorite.
Variants and nicknames: Emmaline, Emilia, Amelie, Emily, Em, Emmy

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2. Olivia

The twin sister of the boy version Oliver, Olivia is a Latin name meaning “olive tree.” Olives are a sign of the goddess Athena and often represent fertility and peace (see: extending an olive branch), making it a lovely name for a girl.
Variants and nicknames: Alivia, Olive, Livia, Olivianne, Liv, Livvy, Olly, Via

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3. Ava

What makes more sense than a baby name that means “life”? Simple and classic, the Germanic name Ava has surged in recent years, with several iterations rising in popularity as well. The name also has Persian roots, with the meaning “voice” or “sound.” Whichever way you look at it, it’s a simply beautiful name for a girl.
Variants and nicknames: Eva, Aveline, Avery

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4. Isabella

Isabella is wildly popular, appealing cross-culturally to parents who like both modern and traditional names. Isabella is also regal, the name of two different Spanish queens. If you like Isabella but want a shorter option, nicknames include Belle, the most well-read Disney princess.
Variants and nicknames: Isabel, Isobel, Isabelle, Izzy, Bella, Belle

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5. Sophia

Sophia is a pretty name that lands on “most popular” lists year after year. It’s a Greek name meaning “wisdom,” so it’s likely risen in popularity because of both its elegance and its meaning.
Variants and nicknames: Sofia, Sophie, Serafina, Zofie, Soph, Saffi, Fifi, Phia, Phi

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6. Charlotte

Royal names have been popular in recent years, and Charlotte, the name of the little Princess of Cambridge, is one of them. Charlotte is a French name meaning “free man,” and as a feminine variant of Charles, it’s a regal name for a little girl.
Variants and nicknames: Carlotta, Charlotta, Carla, Carolina, Char, Charlie, Carly, Lottie

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7. Mia

Short and sweet, Mia has Italian origins and means “mine.” Lovely as a stand-alone choice, Mia is also a shortened version of Maria, Moira, and Amelia, next down on the list.
Variants and nicknames: Maria, Maya, Maia, Miriam

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8. Amelia

Pretty and classic, Amelia has vaulted to popularity in several countries. The name is of German origin and means “work,” and since it’s also the name of Anne Hathaway’s character in “The Princess Diaries,” it’s a good choice for a little princess.
Variants and nicknames: Amalia, Amelie, Emilie, Emilia, Amy, Mel, Mia

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9. Harper

Another name that has recently risen to popularity, Harper has English origins and means “harp player.” The most famous Harper is Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Between the two, this is a great name for a future musician or writer.

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10. Evelyn

A beautiful and classic name of English origin, Evelyn has recently risen in popularity. Meaning “wished for child,” Evelyn is a natural choice for expectant parents.
Variants and nicknames: Aveline, Eveline, Evelina, Evelyne, Eve, Evie, Eva, Lynnie

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