Most Popular Baby Boy Names Right Now

Most Popular Baby Boy Names Right Now, a picture of a baby boy, sucking on a blue pacifier and pulling on a blue baby blanket.

Choosing your baby boy’s name is arguably the biggest decision you’ll make as a new parent. Nothing will stick with him longer than his actual name.

Multiple studies have pointed to advantages and disadvantages that come with different categories of names. Common names are seen as, among other things, best liked and most likely to be hired.

It’s even been posited that one’s sense of self is partially shaped by societal expectations, including expectations that come with certain names. So choose carefully — no pressure!

Yearly lists of baby names have long been a source of fascination, for parents and non-parents alike. Something about the near-limitless options and the responsibility of naming a human is equal parts thrilling and stress-inducing, and the name-choosing conversation can begin as soon as a couple knows they’re expecting.

Because we’re uniquely interested in baby registries, we thought to approach the “choosing a perfect baby name” conversation through the lens of personalized baby gifts. Below, a list of popular baby boy names as of 2018 (the most recent year reported by the Social Security Administration), along with a selection of personalized baby gifts we think would make good additions to any baby registry.

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1. Liam
Liam is an Irish variant of William, and both mean “resolute protection.” Originally created as a nickname for William, it has since become a given name in its own right and rose quickly in popularity, becoming the number one boy’s name for several years running.
Variants and nicknames: Lee

“My Very Happy Birthday” for Boys Book comes personalized with your child’s name. It’ll be his favorite bedtime story when he’s little and fun for an early reader when he gets a little older.

2. Noah
Noah was known in the Bible as the only man righteous enough to survive the great flood. The name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “rest” or “wandering,” and Noah has recently shaken off its ancient image and risen in popularity, becoming one of the top boy names of the 21st century.

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3. William
William is a royal name that rose in popularity with the Duke of Cambridge, however the classic name was popular well before the current prince. William has English origins meaning “resolute protection,” a good omen if ever there was one, and with associations including William Shakespeare and Bill Gates, it’s a naturally strong choice.
Variants and nicknames: Wilhelm, Willem, Uilliam, Liam, Will, Willy, Bill, Billy

This Snuggly Stroller Blanket will keep your boy cozy on the go, and for an extra personal touch, you can have it embroidered with his name.

4. James
James has long been popular, especially in England. With both Hebrew and English origins, James means “supplanter,” or governor or ruler of a country, making this name perfect for a future leader. Although it has a few nicknames, James itself is the name that’s garnered the most popularity of late, while the shortened versions have fallen out of favor.
Variants and nicknames: Jameson, Jamie, Jimmy, Jim

New parents tend to go baby-picture crazy, so a Baby Boy 1st Year Album makes a great gift. Personalize the cover with your baby’s photo, name, birthdate, and other details.

5. Oliver
Latin in origin, Oliver is enjoying global popularity in recent years. The brother of the female version Olivia, the number two name for girls, Oliver means “olive tree,” with olives representing peace (see: extending an olive branch). As with Logan (number 10 on the list), Oliver is the first name of a superhero, Green Arrow, making it yet another solid choice for a boy.
Variants and nicknames: Olivier, Olivero, Ollie, Olley

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6. Benjamin
Benjamin is of Hebrew origin and means “son of the right hand,” with the biblical Benjamin cited in the Book of Genesis as one of the founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. The name has risen to popularity owing to its combination of traditionalism and style.
Variants and nicknames: Binyamin, Ben, Benny, Benji

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7. Elijah
Elijah is also a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is God.” The Hebrew god Yahweh is described in the Old Testament as a prophet who went to heaven in a chariot of fire, and some view the name as too sacred to be spoken. Elijah is nonetheless rising in popularity, and there are few names more noble for a boy.
Variants and nicknames: Alijah, Elias, Elliott, Ellis, Eli

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8. Lucas
Lucas has been steadily rising in popularity as a more substantial alternative to its own nickname, Luke. Lucas is of both Greek and Latin origin and means “man from Lucania,” an ancient area of Southern Italy, making it a choice that’s both handsome and historic.
Variants and nicknames: Lucius, Lucian, Lukas, Luke, Lou, Luca

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9. Mason
Originally known only as a surname, Mason skyrocketed in popularity nine years ago, perhaps because Kourtney Kardashian picked it for her first son. One of the top 10 names for boys ever since, Mason has English roots and means “worker in stone,” making it a solid choice for a baby boy.
Variants and nicknames: Maso, Mace

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10. Logan
Logan is wonderfully gender neutral, but only the male version has taken off. A Scottish name meaning “small hollow,” Logan is a strong name for a baby boy — perhaps owing its popularity to everyone’s favorite Logan: Wolverine. What’s better than sharing a name with a superhero?
Variants and nicknames: Logen, Logyn

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