Best OTC Prenatal Vitamins

Best OTC Prenatal Vitamins, a woman holding a prenatal vitamin holding a glass of water.

As you move through your pregnancy and prepare for baby to arrive, taking care of yourself should be a top priority. Eating nutritious food, drinking enough water, and getting plenty of exercise is not just something to do if you have a chance, it becomes a must. However, no matter how healthy you may be, you can certainly benefit from the little extra boost that you will get from a prenatal vitamin.

Some doctors offer up a prescription version, while others leave it up to you to choose your own over the counter option. If you’re going the OTC route, you likely want “the best of the best.” That’s why we’ve put together a list of five top OTC prenatal vitamins out there for you to review and choose from.

Olly Essential Prenatal Multivitamin Vibrant Dietary Supplement Gummies

Olly Essential Prenatal Multivitamin Vibrant Dietary Supplement Gummies, available in a 60-count package from Target, are a great choice for those who don’t particularly like taking vitamins or supplements. The citrus flavor is refreshing, not yucky! Although this is a tasty choice, there is more to the Olly multivitamin than just good flavor. You’ll appreciate that it not only has a blend of vitamins A, C, D, E, and B's but also has a healthy dose of folic acid and omega-3 acids to aid in a healthy pregnancy.

Nature's Way Alive! Complete Prenatal Multivitamin

Nature's Way Alive! Complete Prenatal Multivitamin is a vegetarian-friendly softgel capsule that has all of the vitamins and minerals you’re looking for in a prenatal but without the animal-product additives that make you uncomfortable. The Alive! Vitamin comes in a 60-count package and each dose includes 100% of the daily recommended allowance of 16 vitamins and minerals. You’ll find it on Jet.

Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins

The Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins, offered by Walmart, are a higher-end option for those looking for something special in their vitamin. These are vegan and gluten-free, but best of all, designed to be easy to digest with probiotics and enzymes. Plus, they still have a healthy dose of all the vitamins and minerals a mom-to-be will want to provide her growing baby. Compare the ingredients and you are sure to be impressed by what these include—and what they don't! Don’t let the price fool you—in a larger 150-count package, these are actually a bargain!

Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamins

The Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamins have everything a mom-to-be is looking for in a multivitamin and best of all—no yeast, a must for those who are sensitive to it. In addition to the normal array of vitamins and minerals, these also include iron and zinc. This Nature Made product includes 250 tablets in one convenient package. The larger size package is especially beneficial, as it is highly recommended for lactating mothers as well as pregnant moms. No matter what stage, you can feel confident you and your baby are getting the level of nutrition you need when you choose these complete prenatal multivitamins from Nature Made.

The Honest Company Prenatals

The Honest Company is trusted worldwide for the quality products they offer in a number of categories—these prenatal vitamins are no exception. Busy pregnant moms will appreciate that these are once-daily multivitamins. The biggest selling feature of this particular brand is that they are made with non-GMO ingredients. Plus, the pills have Vitamin B6, Organic Ginger, and gentle forms of microminerals to help reduce upset tummies. You’ll still get your daily dose of vitamins with "targeted doses" of certain vitamins and minerals, and it is topped off with a sweet vanilla coating that makes it an “easier pill to swallow." The Honest Company Prenatals are sold in a 30-count bottle on Amazon, making ordering these a breeze since they will be delivered right to your door!

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