5 Must-Have Items in Every New Mom's Survival Kit

5 Must-Have Items in Every New Mom's Survival Kit, a woman in a jumpsuit, pushing a stroller as she walks down a side street.

Becoming a new mom is certainly life-changing, and it’s almost impossible to be fully prepared for what’s to come. But if you take the time to prep, you'll thank yourself later when an emergency happens, and you’re ready for it!

In order to survive the beginning stages of motherhood, it’s important to not leave home without these five items in your diaper bag!

Tide to Go Pen

How many times as an adult have you gotten a stain on your shirt while on the go? Now imagine how many stains you’re bound to get while carrying a newborn or toddler around. A lot can happen in a day, and it’s a good idea to be prepared for the worst! Explosive diapers, spilled juice, or smeared chocolate can end up turning into a nightmare. Being equipped with a Tide to Go pen will help eliminate any stains the baby might make. For bigger messes it might be safe to throw in an extra onesie and outfit for the baby, too. Some messes won’t cut it with just a Tide to Go pen, and changing might be necessary!

Easy-to-pack Bra

As a new mom who is breastfeeding, leakage can happen at any moment. If you’re not prepared, you might be walking around for the rest of the day with a couple of wet spots on your bra that may even seep through to your shirt. Talk about a mess! Packing an extra bra in your diaper bag to change into in case of emergency could end up being a total lifesaver! True&Co., an online lingerie company, creates bras to make every woman feel amazing. Making women feel confident is a passion True&Co. is proud to embody. New moms especially love their bras because they’re made to conform to their changing bodies, allowing them to feel comfortable while taking on everything motherhood has to offer something a new mom should never have to worry about!

Emergency Teething Ring

Picture this: You’re arriving at Target, all ready to get some holiday shopping done, and your six-month-old starts crying uncontrollably. If you’re an experienced mom, you may find this tip a no-brainer, but for those first-time mamas, remembering to bring an extra teething ring or something to keep the baby entertained while running errands might be a challenge, especially when you’re packing everything as you leave the house! Stashing an extra teething ring in your bag could prevent a belting scream or two while you’re trying to check things off your shopping list. Investing in a few non-toxic teething rings is smart because your baby won’t ingesting harmful chemicals as he or she chomps away! Wooden ones are getting especially popular. 

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are the best because they can clean up anything! Spilled some coffee in the car? Baby wipes! Toddler have a surprise explosion? Baby wipes! Keep them in your glove compartment as well as your diaper bag, because you just never know what type of mess you’ll encounter. Stocking up on non-toxic baby wipes will leave your baby’s skin happy and healthy! The Honest Company strives to arm moms and babies with products containing clean ingredients. Even newborns with the most sensitive skin will feel at ease when using products that are natural and safe.


5 Must-Have Items in Every New Mom's Survival Kit, banana slices

You can never have too many snacks, especially when you’re running errands or trekking on a long car ride with your toddler! Healthy snacks for mom that provide a great energy boost will make whatever adventure you’re on more enjoyable for all. Yes, it’s important to fuel your child with nutrients they need, but it’s just as important to feed yourself those important nutrients, too! Pack a couple bananas in your diaper bag, one for you, one for your toddler. Teaching kids to eat healthy at a young age will do wonders in their later years. Before you know it, your baby won’t be a baby anymore!

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