Best Toys for Babies Newborn to 6 Months

Best Toys, Savannah

What toys should you get for a newborn? Read the what and the why of toys for babies up to 6 months old.

MyRegistry contributing writer Savannah Walsh is a mom of five (and counting!) and the voice behind That Caffeinated Mom, where she talks pregnancy, birth, postpartum struggles, and everyday mom life in her own relatable and candid storytelling style. Here, she shares her favorite developmental baby toys for those first six months with a new little one.

Ahh, the six-month bliss. For me at least, that’s how I think back to the first six months with a new baby. Really, for the most part it’s an overload of hormones, exhaustion, and tears but I like to have selective memory when it comes to new babies. And I can’t deny for a minute that the first six months are my favorite stage.

There’s the snuggly newborn stage—and the newborn smell! I wish we could bottle it up. The first smiles—can anything make you melt faster than that? The first gurgles and sounds. Rolling over, learning to sit, recognizing faces—all of it. I truthfully enjoy the whole thing. But it’s not everyone’s favorite stage, and I can understand why. 

I’m a huge fan of the cuddles. That's really where I’m at, which is likely why I love this time so much. That’s pretty much what the first six months with a new babe are all about: snuggle, feed, diaper, sleep, repeat. But when it comes to entertaining and actually engaging with your baby, this can be a challenging time.

How Do You Entertain a Baby? 

For me, I would say the quickest answer is playing with them. Bringing out some fun toys, getting down on the floor, and playing together. And that’s really the easiest and best for everyone involved! Just one problem: Babies under 6 months can’t really play

Those first six months involve so much maturing and brain development for these little guys, that playing is something they’re just starting to figure out! They’re learning how to focus on objects, how to grab things, hand-eye coordination—heck, they can’t even see color well until about 5 months old! 

Needless to say playing in the first six months isn’t exactly what you might imagine “playing” to be. It may not be Monica’s style of play, where you teach your baby to line up all their stuffies in order by size, but it can still be a really fun way to interact with your baby.

What Toys Does Baby Need in the First 6 Months? 

The right age-appropriate educational toys really are worth it (a life-size monkey won’t do the trick either!), and the early-baby toys below are all great options to add to your baby registry, so you’re ready for play. You can also add them to a Christmas wish list created for your baby.

Best Toys for Babies 0–6 Months

Lovevery Kits 

Lovevery kits are an amazing addition to your baby’s toy collection, as both fun play toys and baby development toys. Each kit is designed for a specific age range and provides numerous different full-size toys matching your baby’s developmental needs. Lovevery kits are not only amazing to get (or add to your registry) for your own baby, they make great holiday or birthday gifts too.


Activity Mats and Tummy Time Toys

Okay, if your knee-jerk reaction to this one is—*Cringe* I hate tummy time—you’re not alone, my friend. All my babies have not been fans of the whole on-the-ground thing, but I will say, good toys and distractions have helped. Honestly, they’re pretty much essential. If you have to play on the floor with a grumpy baby, do it right! 



Activity Seat 

I’m stoked on these seats! They’re a perfect option for little babes who aren’t yet sitting up and are just starting to figure out their hands. The whole seat is a soft plush material (including the attractions!), making it easy for your baby to play around with everything without banging themselves in the head (which they do oh so well). 

Developmental Plush Blocks

Plush blocks alone are such a great toy for young babies. They’re soft, easy to grab/stack, lightweight, and they aren’t overwhelming when they fall. Adding developmental shapes and colors to them is a bonus for those early-play days. 

Mushie Stacking Cups

These stacking cups in particular are my all-time fave (and the favorite of every other neutral-color lover). Made in Denmark, Mushie stacking cups are a great toy right from the beginning and to last for years. My older kids absolutely love playing with these with their youngest brother. You can also put them in the bath, which adds some uniqueness to them as a toy. 

Maileg Rattles

Any plush rattle is great for babies. Soft, easy to hold, and with the rattle sound to add interest. But no rattle has won my heart quite like the Maileg ones. Maileg in general is a favorite brand for me, and the baby rattles are just so darling and beautiful that they’re a must-have.


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