Best Baby Toys for Infants 0-6 Months

Best Baby Toys for Infants 0-6 Months, a baby sitting on a bed with white sheets, wearing a reindeer costume playing with some toys.

So you’ve reached one of the most exciting parts of baby shopping — toys. Big or small, bright or natural, noisy or quiet, baby toys entertain your child and give little ones a leg up on reaching those developmental milestones.

 There are hundreds of choices out there to suit virtually any budget. This many options can drive you crazy, so we’ve made it easy to decide with our five best baby toys for infants.

How to Shop for Baby Toys

Does browsing for baby toys feel like getting lost in a fun house? You can cut down the search results by narrowing down what you want based on these categories:

  • Size: A play gym’s much bigger than a teether, and this usually affects the price
  • Safety: Baby toys should not have any small pieces or loose items that could become a choking hazard
  • Composition: Most baby toys are rated safe for teething, but you’ll want to know what’s in it
  • Price: Toys run $5 to $150, depending on the size and features
  • Developmental Stages: Options for babies 3-6 months may be more complex than those for newborns
  • Tech: If it runs on batteries, you’ll need to know which ones

Before you make a selection, it’s important to check for recalls for anything you let your little ones use.

It may seem like a lot to look out for, but don’t worry! With all the options available, you can find one that’s safe and fun.

1. Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym

If you’re looking for the ultimate baby toy — the one that covers all your bases — Skip Hop’s got you covered. The Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym is designed to take care of all your needs. At home, you’ve got a play mat with different textures. An accompanying support pillow makes tummy time a breeze. When you’re ready to head out the door, the toys un-clip for easy transport. You can change the position of the toys when your baby gets older. The best part is that this is a learning toy. Learning toys are becoming more of a necessity, and you can’t go wrong with this one. It was 17 developmental activities to help your baby’s brain grow.

2. Lamaze Fifi the Firefly

Once your newborn comes along, you may end up spending a lot of time at home, especially if your newborn needs his or her toys. With Lamaze, you don’t have to. Fifi the Firefly (and her friend Freddie the Firefly) are happy to make all your trips with you. Each wing features new textures, sounds, colors and activities. Rings at the bottom are easy for baby to grasp and jangle. The handy clip makes attaching to a stroller or diaper bag a snap. This is also one of those amazing learning toys, helping your baby learn how to focus and track images through the mirrors on Fifi.

3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick n’ Play Piano Gym

You can’t go wrong with Fisher-Price baby toys. Chances are, you had something from Fisher-Price when you were a kid, and now you can get one for your baby! When your arms really need a break, Fisher-Price’s Deluxe Kick n’ Play Piano Gym is here to the rescue. This play gym features bright colors and activities intended to delight and grow with your baby. Smiling animals dangle from above with a keyboard, perfect for kicking toes. When your little one starts sitting up, you can turn the keyboard for continued play. Be warned however, that activity gyms tend to be the largest of infant toys, meaning they’ll cost more than smaller products.

4. Baby Einstein Flip for Art

Some babies take to tummy time like a fish to water, but a little entertainment always helps. The Baby Einstein Flip for Art High Contrast Floor Activity Mirror gives baby an incentive to strengthen and develop those important neck muscles. The contrasting colors and patterns attract your little one’s eyes. Friendly, soft flashcards that clip onto the mirror turn it into an interactive experience that helps with motor coordination.

5. Manhattan Toy Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether

From birth, babies are surrounded by bright colors and noise. When you want to step back to something a little more classic, Manhattan Toy has your back. The Skwish is made of wood and comes in natural tones – or primary colors if you prefer. Babies can make their own fun by squishing the springy components together. You’ll love it because there’s no batteries to replace or switches to turn off.

6. Gund My First Teddy

This one’s all in the name. Gund’s My First Teddy is a 15-inch plush teddy bear designed to be your baby’s first friend — and he’s almost their size! Seems simple and classic? Well, it is! Although learning toys and activity gyms are great, when babies are first born, they aren’t going to be doing much. That makes a stuffed animal the perfect first toy for them. And we all know stuffed animals can be lifelong friends that you baby will keep around once they graduate from cribs to beds and beyond.

7. Green Sprouts Fruit Cooling Teether

Babies start to teeth (which simple means their teeth start to come in) when they 6 months old, and we can all imagine how painful it must be. Teething toys are essential for babies once this starts, and the Green Sprouts Fruit Cooling Teether is definitely a winner. Unlike the multi-purpose Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether, this ring is purely a teething toy. This ring is easy for you six-month-old to hold and chew. It’s made of plastic and contains distilled water. The textured surface massages gums, and it can be put in the refrigerator before use. The cold provides extra relief for your baby. It’s easy and quick to hand wash with soap and water so it’s ready for your baby to use again in no time.

Your home will soon be flooded with baby toys, so you might as well get the best ones.

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