The Halo SnoozyPod: Must-have Baby Product of 2018

The Halo SnoozePod: Must-Have Baby Product of 2018, woman setting up the Halo SnoozyPod onto her child's crib.

Bedtime: As a new parent, you’ll quickly learn that it can be either the best or the worst of times.

Sure, there’s nothing sweeter than singing a sweet lullabye to your little one as they peacefully drift off to dreamland, but in reality, it’s not always going to play out like that. Think screaming, crying, and lots of late-night fussing before, finally, your little prince or princess can’t fight the exhaustion any longer!

Well, good news for you: there’s a solution.

The Halo SnoozyPod™ takes bedtime and turns it from a nightmare into a dream. It’s the first-ever vibrating bedtime soother to combine soothing sounds and an amber-glow night light with soft vibrations to help lull infants to their best sleep. Pregnancy & Newborn magazine even had it on their list of Top Products of 2017.

If that’s not enough of a reason for you to add it to your baby registry, here are a few more:

Installation is as Easy as 1-2-3

It’s a simple, three-step process—lift the mattress, slide your SnoozyPod through the crib rails at a 90° angle, then lay it flat and run the power cord under the bed—boom, you’re done! It even comes with a backup battery pack that’s perfect for travelling.

How It Works:

The gentle vibration radiates throughout the mattress to calm babies and toddlers to a peaceful sleep. You can set the timer for a minimum of 30 minutes, or all night long. The soft, amber-glow night-light provides just enough light to see, without causing wakefulness. Choose from four calming sounds—heartbeat, white noise, soothing stream, and rainforest—to block out household noises, so they can sleep peacefully.

Bluetooth Enabled

Want to shut off your SnoozyPod early, or change the settings? Don’t worry about sneaking into the bedroom, trying to be as quiet as possible. You can control all SnoozyPod functions through a handy smartphone app from anywhere in your home and not have to disturb baby’s sleep while doing so. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Smoothly Transition from Crib to Bed

When babies are used to sleeping in their cribs, they can have a difficult time transitioning to a big kid bed. This is less likely to happen with the Halo SnoozyPod because they’ll be accustomed to its gentle vibrations, soothing sounds, and soft night-light. The SnoozyPod is designed to fit cribs, toddler beds, and twin size beds, making a more peaceful transition for baby—and you!

It’s no wonder that parents everywhere are raving about this product. Check out actual user reviews from real parents:

“My son loves this.”

“We absolutely love the SnoozyPod! We use the white noise and soothing sounds features most often. It’s great during nap time when there is activity around our home. My son always falls asleep right away. I also love the Bluetooth enabled app! It is so nice to be able to control it from your phone. I would definitely recommend this item!” - Jessica

“I would highly recommend the SnoozyPod!”

“I would highly recommend the SnoozyPod if you're having a tough time moving a babe from a bassinet or sleeper to the crib, if your babe wakes in the night and has a tough time falling back to sleep or if your baby is used to/loves sleeping with motion/vibration. I also think it really has helped with our transition to sleeping solely on a crib mattress - and I'll admit to being really worried about that particular change, but it's been painless!” - Stephanie

“New baby must-have!”

“The SnoozyPod saved our lives! Our little one was transitioning from the Bassinest (in our room) to the crib (in his room) at night and was having a hard time. The SnoozyPod let us control the settings from our phone and helped our little guy learn to sleep 12 hours a night on his own! The vibration is perfect for when he wakes up and fusses during the night and we don't have to go in there and wake him up further with lights and noise. I wish we had this when he was learning to nap in his crib, too! I plan to use this when he transitions from his crib to his big boy bed when he is older.” - Maggie

And perhaps the best thing about the SnoozyPod? Since it’ll put baby to sleep, it’ll give you some time to snooze, too! So, what are you waiting for? Add the Halo SnoozyPod to your baby registry, stat!

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