Jamie Grayson's Registry Picks

Jamie Grayson's Registry Picks, Baby Registry Lab

Jamie Grayson is one of the premier baby gear and child safety experts in the field, which is why we are so excited to be partnering with him for this year's Baby Registry Lab series. He will be testing and showcasing some amazing products and you can add all of his top picks directly to your registry right here! 

Find Something You Like?

You can add any of these items to your MyRegistry.com Baby Registry. Don’t have one yet? It’s easy! Create a Universal Baby Registry today, then add baby gifts from all your favorite stores.

Looking for More Baby Registry Ideas?

See more on our Baby Registry Inspiration Boards.

We are a Universal Gift Registry website where people can create a registry and add gifts from any store in the world. If you buy any of the products listed here, we may be compensated. Thanks for reading—we love you!

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