10 Best Baby Bassinets for Newborns in 2022

10 Best Baby Bassinets for Brand-New Babies

A newborn bed is a baby registry basic. These bassinets and Moses baskets offer some extras—and look good doing it.

Babies sleep a ton, and they need a safe space to do it. While new parents might think in terms of a crib, baby bassinets and Moses baskets can be a perfect cozy and portable option for when your little one is the littlest.

Bassinet vs. Crib, What's the Difference?

In simple terms, a bassinet is a much smaller crib designed to fit a smaller baby. Bassinets and Moses baskets are ideal for those first few months, when baby (hopefully) sleeps anywhere. This modern-day cradle is designed for portability, which is why most options are lightweight and detachable from a base. Set it up in the living room during the day, then move it to your bedside at night to allow peace of mind and easy access for feeding and soothing.

How Long Should a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

Bassinets are suitable for babies from newborn up to 3–6 months, and a weight range of 15–30 pounds.

Is a Bassinet Safe for Newborns?

Just like with a crib, you need to make sure your bassinet is safe for your baby. Most bassinet walls are only about 6–12 inches above the mattress. This means you’ll need to switch to something else once the baby can roll over or sit up. And as always, remember to keep blankets, pillows, and toys out of the bassinet. Babies are safest when they sleep on their back, face up, on a firm, flat surface.

How to Choose a Baby Bassinet or Basket?

Searching for bassinets may bring hundreds of choices to your screen. Besides colors and styles, there are a variety of features to consider. Before you add one of these sleepers to your registry, consider these points:

  • Gaps on the sides, which should be no wider than a drink can
  • Whether it comes with a mattress or you’ll need to buy one separately
  • The size of the fitted sheet, which may be brand specific
  • Added features, like carrying handles or a base with wheels

What Is the Best Baby Bassinet for Newborns?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the fun stuff. There are hundreds of bassinets to choose from, so we’ve narrowed down the list for you.

Why we love it: If you’re looking for a bassinet with everything you need (and nothing you don’t), the Rockwell Baby Bassinet could be it. Each one is handcrafted in Canada with your convenience in mind. This includes comfortable upholstery in a choice of colors, a waterproof mattress with two fitted sheets, and a supportive rocker base with runners made of solid walnut. Almost everything on this bassinet is removable and machine washable.

Best for: Parents who want both high quality and convenience.

Keep in mind: This bassinet is made to order, so you’ll need to order it at least a few weeks in advance.

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Why we love it: These adorable baby baskets have taken the baby-gear world by storm since Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge picked up a classic Moses basket for Prince George. This Handwoven Bassinet is one of the best of the bunch, with eye-catching colors made from natural dyes. This basket is handwoven entirely from dried elephant grass, which means you’ll get a slightly different look with each one.

Best for: Eco-conscious parents with style.

Keep in mind: The leather handles don’t move much, which may impact how you carry it.

Why we love it: Dr. Harvey Karp, the genius behind the parenting book “The Happiest Baby on the Block,” created a baby bassinet that reaches for the stars in promoting a safe and comfortable sleep area. The SNOO Smart Sleeper is less a basic piece of sleep equipment and more a space-age sleep system. You’ll appreciate the built-in soothing sounds and gentle rocking designed to keep baby in the ideal sleeping position all night.

Best for: Sleep-deprived parents who are willing to pay for more shut-eye.

Keep in mind: At almost $1,600, this is the most expensive bassinet on our list.

Why we love it: The Badger Basket is supremely simple. At a very friendly price, this Moses basket provides a safe sleeping space without breaking the budget. The simplicity and smaller size allow plenty of flexibility in coordinating with your nursery design. But don’t worry—it’s not boring. Filmmaker Elvira Lind showed off her and actor Oscar Isaac’s new baby in a similarly simple Moses basket with a fun fitted sheet.

Best for: Budget-conscious parents on the go who might want something suitable for the beach or a picnic.

Keep in mind: This basket doesn’t come with a mattress pad or sheet, so you’ll need to buy them separately.


Why we love it: Modernists will rejoice at the sight of the Orland Bassinet. The clean lines and basic black basket atop solid wood legs will coordinate with almost any home decor, from retro to metro, and the cutout handles make it easy to move from room to room.

Best for: Minimalist parents who need to maximize a small space.

Keep in mind: It comes with a pad, but you’ll need to buy the sheets.

Why we love it: Metal is big in home decor right now, and the Aura Bassinet brings it into the nursery. This bed mimics popular rattan design, reimagined in a sturdy tubular arrangement of trendy rose gold. The simple design is meant to be easy to put together, and you can either attach the wheels for easy movement, or remove them for a permanent base.

Best for: Parents who want to see baby from anywhere in the room.

Keep in mind: The base rolls, so you’ll need to remember to lock the wheels.

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Why we love it: If you want a bassinet that rocks without a moving base, BabyBjörn has your back. The cradle features a lightweight mesh fabric bassinet that attaches to the base from the top, not the bottom. This allows the bassinet itself to rock gently while the base remains in place. This one is lightweight and folds up compactly, making it ideal for travel.

Best for: Parents who travel frequently with baby.

Keep in mind: This bassinet is shorter than others, which may make it harder to keep at your bedside.

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Why we love it: Already dreaming of your first trip with baby? The California Dreaming Portable Crib offers an ideal at-home bassinet with all the benefits of a travel crib. The adjustable height allows you to set it perfectly at your bedside, or high enough to minimize bending after a C-section. Transparent mesh makes it easy to see baby from either side, and a convenient pocket shelf underneath provides extra storage that stays in place.

Best for: Parents who appreciate maximum portability.

Keep in mind: If you’re using this one bedside, make sure you can attach it securely.

For more baby sleep essentials, including sleepers, cribs, blankets, and swaddles, visit our Sleepy Time Essentials inspiration board.

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