Best Sound Machines to Soothe a Fussy Newborn

Best Sound Machines to Soothe a Fussy Newborn, baby under a purple blanket

If you haven't bought a sound machine for your newborn, do it now. If you have, do yourself a favor and buy two.

Seriously, once you get used to the quality of sleep you can get with a sound machine, you’ll wonder why it took a cranky baby for you to get one for yourself. Sound machines neutralize other noises, including sudden ones, so you never have to worry about your little one (or you), being roused accidentally again.

They also eliminate the need for adults and older children (think whiny toddlers) to keep quiet once baby is finally, blessedly asleep. Today’s new generation of sound machines provide tons of bells and whistles, in addition to that soothing whoosh. Here are five you can’t go wrong with.

Marpac Dohm Whish Sound Machine

Sleek and compact, the Marpac Dohm Whish Sound Machine features 16 relaxing sound tracks that have been clinically proven to gentle your baby into blissful, long-lasting slumber. It also has two timer options and volume control. Choose between fans, white noise, chimes, rain, and other dream-inducing sounds. Some assembly required.

Halo Snoozypod Vibrating Bedtime Soother

The Halo Snoozypod Vibrating Bedtime Soother creates a complete, sleep-inducing environment practically guaranteed to soothe even the fussiest of babies. The Pod combines the feeling of gentle, vibrating movement throughout the entire mattress with soothing sounds, and an amber-glow nightlight. Perfect for growing kids who have trouble sleeping, it’s designed to fit on the side of most toddler and twin beds, as well as cribs. You can set it to vibrate for half an hour, or all night long. It even features a Bluetooth-enabled app, so you can adjust as needed from your iOS or Android phone. It’s perfect for slotted or spring bed frames, but can’t be used with a box spring. 

Shhh...™ Portable Sound Machine

Battery operated and priced for savvy budgets, Munchkin’s Shhh...™ Portable Sound Machine features several soothing sounds, including one that mimics mom’s heartbeat while baby was in the womb. It also has a nightlight that softly glows in a solid or pulsing rhythm. Great for getaways and sleepovers, this compact, lightweight beauty also has a timer that turns off the entire unit.

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Elephant Nighttime Soother

Equal parts baby soother and nursery décor, the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Elephant Nighttime Soother has an amazing number of features. It projects a curiosity-building visual of the stars and moon onto the walls or ceiling, and also has a nightlight you can control with a timer. It also plays a variety of lovely lullabies and nature sounds. You can choose any combination of lights and sounds to delight and calm your little one into slumber. Plus, it’s shaped like an elephant! Talk about a win-win. 

Dreamweaver Smart Light + Sound Soother

Designed to look like a milk bottle from a bygone era, the Dreamweaver Smart Light + Sound Soother is as tech-savvy as you can get. It comes preloaded with fan-fave lullabies, white noise, and natural sounds, but can also stream unlimited songs and stories from your smartphone or tablet. It also has four visual options that are bound to keep any baby engaged and enthralled. Sweet dreams, baby (and you, too). 

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