Best Layette Sets for Newborns

Everything You Need for a Newborn Layette

Registering for new-baby essentials is not just about picking out the cutest bodysuits and booties. You’ll also want to be sure you get everything you need

Moms- and dads-to-be, are you lost in the sea of newborn necessities? Unsure of what newborn baby clothes you need for your layette? Don’t even know what a layette is? Don’t panic! Let us be your friendly guide through the maze that is newborn clothing.

First, what is a layette?

A newborn layette, or layette set, is a newborn’s basic wardrobe—baby clothes and accessories, from booties to bibs, that your baby will need for those first few months. While modern-day layettes sometimes include diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and other newborn supplies, we’re focusing here on newborn clothes and accessories.

(For a full list of other items you might like to add to your baby registry—for sleeping, feeding, changing, bathing, traveling, and playing—check out our Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist.)

Why do you need a layette?

Consider it a starter pack for babyhood! A basic layette contains the head-to-toe essentials for a newborn right out of the hospital—and beyond. And thinking in terms of a layette, or a “capsule wardrobe” for your baby, makes it easy to get organized and register for everything you’ll need.

What goes in a baby layette set?

All the baby basics, including clothing, pajamas, swaddles, a warm sweater, socks/booties, little hats, scratch mittens, burp cloths, and more. We’ve included a full list below, but first, here are some things to keep in mind as you build your baby wish list

  • Sizing: As tiny as your newborn might seem at birth, babies grow quickly! And some never even fit into newborn clothes. Consider registering for a few things in the next size up to avoid your baby growing out of all starter clothing in a few short weeks.
  • Comfort: Baby’s comfort comes first—for both your sakes. With no way to verbally communicate that clothing is uncomfortable, your baby might let you know with tears—and no one wants that! Choose soft, breathable fabric to go next to baby’s sensitive skin (organic cotton is always a good option), make sure movement isn’t restricted, and avoid poking tags that may cause irritation.
  • Safety: Of course avoid anything that will pose a choking hazard, such as buttons, drawstrings, hooks, or removable decorations like bows and flowers. (To find out about product recalls for any baby items you’re considering, refer to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.)
  • Ease: We know that babies go through multiple outfit changes a day, so you’ll want pieces that can be easily pulled on and off and easily fastened. Also, make sure the fabric can hold up to lots of washing and drying so you’re not replacing clothes before baby has a chance to outgrow them. Which brings us to our next point…
  • Budget: Is that intricately embroidered dress calling your name? Ours too, but sadly, that doesn’t mean you should register for it! Remember that fancier outfits will likely be outgrown before they’re worn (in addition to just generally having no need to dress up a tiny baby), so forgo them in favor of comfier options. Wait till your little one is bigger to splurge on pricier pieces.
  • Style: Register for what you love! Especially if you imagine creating lots of photo ops (we see you, Instagram moms!). Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our list below of trendy baby clothes and other options we’re smitten with.

How many newborn outfits does my baby need?

Of course you won’t want to be doing laundry twice a day! Just remember that while it’s nice to have options, buying too much in advance may mean your baby grows out of things before they’re even worn.

Our baby layette basics checklist

  • 1 take-home outfit, including socks and a hat
  • 4–8 onesies
  • 4 shirts
  • 4 shirt-pant sets
  • 4 footed bodysuits
  • 1–3 sweaters/jackets
  • 4–8 socks/booties
  • 2–4 scratch mittens
  • 2–3 hooded towels
  • 4–6 washcloths
  • 2 swaddle blankets
  • 4–8 baby pajamas
  • 2 sleep sacks or baby sleeping bags
  • 2–4 receiving blankets
  • 1–3 beanie hats
  • 1–3 hats (sun hats for summer babies, knit hats with ear coverage for winter babies)
  • 10–15 burp cloths
  • 4–8 bibs
  • 1 fleece suit or bunting bag (for winter babies)


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