Real Mom Advice for the Best Home Babyproofing Products

Real Mom Advice for the Best Home Babyproofing Products, mom carrying baby

Create the safest home for your newly crawling baby with these recommended baby safety products

September is Baby Safety Month, established by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association  (JPMA) to educate parents about keeping babies and young kids safe, through all the ages and stages. Here, MyRegistry contributing writer Savannah Walsh of That Caffeinated Mom shares her home-safety stories as a mom of five (and counting!) and talks all about keeping your home safe for your baby.

Raise your hand if you’ve said at least once: “I can’t wait till my baby is crawling!” 

Okay, now raise your hand if you thought your life would be so much easier when your baby could move around and keep entertained on their own.

Mm-hmm… now raise your hand if you pretty much instantly regretted that last thought? 

I thought so. 

Alright, maybe “regret” is a strong word, but I think every mom on the planet who has been through the crawling and early-walking stages can say her life got about 10,000 times busier. Oh man, is everything a liability with a newly mobile babe—and I mean everything. 

Did you know your TV remote is a highly valuable prize? Neither did I, and to be honest, I’m not sure I understand why. But Cullen, my 14-month-old, will happily remind you that it’s the most valuable thing in the house. Think: Gollum and “my precious” vibes.

Did you also know pieces of Tupperware are actually weapons? Yeah, real thing. The lids are as slippery as banana peels when they’re left on the floor. And the bowls? Those are great for throwing. Uh-huh. 

And of course you guys know about breadcrumbs, right? No?? Oh man, let me tell you about breadcrumbs! For one, they’re super tasty if you just open the can and shove fistfuls directly into your mouth. But better yet, if you pour them out all over the floor it’s like having sand—in the house! A really great discovery by my now-4-year-old when she was 15 months. 

I could go on and on about the discoveries my kids have made during the early-crawling and walking stages. I mean, I get it: It’s a whole new world for them, with a sudden sense of independence, and they’re figuring it out fast. Last week Cullen was petrified of our robot vacuum, and now? He crawls right up to it, starts it, and attempts to sit on it for a ride.

Babies and Safety

Babyproofing and childproofing your main living spaces become an important part of life, for so many reasons. As I said, life just becomes so much busier with a baby on the move. Suddenly you have to look around for a million things your baby can possibly get into, and it's exhausting! 

But more than that, it can be dangerous. According to, airway obstruction (choking/suffocation) is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for infants under the age of one, and babyproofing can potentially really lower that risk. And notes that more than a third of accidental child injuries occur in the home—all the more reason to ensure that your setup is as baby proof as possible.

Unless you're planning on being like Joey’s parents—“Whoops, Joey fell down the stairs” or “Whoops, Joey electrocuted himself again”—I suggest getting a head start on babyproofing your home. For both your baby’s safety and your own sanity. 

Including baby proofing products on your gift registry can eliminate a lot of stress. For me personally, half the battle is going out and finding/buying the baby safety supplies. Already having baby-proofing essentials at home just waiting to be installed takes away much of that stress. Check out my list below to get you started.

(If you don’t have a MyRegistry baby registry yet, it’s easy to create one, then add items from any store in the world. And keep in mind, the best baby proofing products are also great baby registry ideas! You’ll also find more Babyproofing Tips for Baby Safety Month from The Pump Station, including their babyproofing checklist.) 

Babyproofing electrical sockets

Babyproofing door handles, baby safety locks

Baby proofing cabinets, baby proofing drawers

Babyproofing stove knobs

Baby proofing furniture, furniture corner guards

Babyproofing stairways, baby safety guides

Baby playpen, baby safety fence

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About the Writer 

Canadian blogger Savannah Walsh is the mom of five little ones (and counting!) and the face behind That Caffeinated Mom, where she talks pregnancy, birth, postpartum struggles, and everyday mom life in her own relatable and very candid storytelling style. Savannah joins us every month on MyRegistry to share her stories, mom tips, and favorite baby products.

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