9 Must-Have Babywearing Shirts

9 Must-Have Babywearing Shirts, mom kissing a baby's head.

Babywearing shirts are the next best thing to skin-to-skin contact — and you can wear them out of the house.

As you’re creating your baby registry, you’re probably thinking about products that will promote bonding. Baby wraps and baby carriers have their place, but for another option that’s especially cozy and comfortable to wear around at home, we suggest babywearing shirts — for both mom and dad. Not sure what a babywearing shirt is? Read on for some of the best.

(Just note that babywearing shirts are not intended as a substitute for hands-free baby carriers.)

NuRoo Pocket

The NuRoo Pocket is everything a new mom needs: a maternity shirt, a breastfeeding-friendly top, and a convenient way to sneak in more skin-to-skin time. The NuRoo Pocket shirt is a 90% polyester, 10% spandex blend and features breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. Available in sizes ranging from extra small to XX large, this shirt works well for most body types.

How to wear a NuRoo Pocket babywearing shirt:

  1. Slide your baby into the interior pocket.
  2. Secure the “Cross and Hug” closure.
  3. Adjust the padded support belt (which doubles as a stylish accent piece).

How to use the NuRoo Pocket:


This 3-in-1 babywearing shirt adheres to baby carrier standards and is tested to hold babies up to 45 pounds. That said, this shirt is more comfortable for babies under 15 pounds. It also safely allows moms to carry preemie babies who weigh four pounds or more. Many structured carriers have weight minimums of eight pounds that prohibit smaller premature babies from being carried, but the NuRoo Pocket enables mothers of smaller newborns or preemie babies to babywear.

Bonus: NuRoo Pocket is machine washable.

aden + anais Baby Bonding Top

Welcoming your baby home is exciting and heartwarming, and cuddling your baby is one of the best ways to bond once you’re home. The aden + anais Baby Bonding Top helps new moms do just that. Soft, breathable cotton and elastane wick moisture away and prevent your baby from feeling too warm, while the inner support provides a firm hold to keep your baby snug and secure. This stylish black tank top will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, making this one an essential piece for any new mom.

How to use the aden + anais Baby Bonding Top:


Tomppy Sleeveless Babywearing Shirt

The sleeveless babywearing shirt by Tomppy is both sleek and useful. Available in five colors (gray, blue, purple, coffee, and green) and five sizes (from small to XX large), this top pairs well with skinny jeans or leggings, cardigans, and sweater dusters. Simply slide baby into the pouch and be on your way.

Note: This one is hand-wash and line-dry only.

Vija Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care Shirt for Dads

New dads can benefit from babywearing too! The Vija Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Shirt for Dads is made in Canada from a soft cotton/jersey blend. Ideal for babies up to 15 pounds, this shirt comes in a neutral heathered gray shade that pairs well with a hoodie or flannel button-down. If you’re gifting this shirt to a new dad, keep in mind that the extra large fits a chest size of 50–53 inches.

How to use the Vija Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Shirt:


Jarazin Babywearing Fleece

The Jarazin Babywearing Fleece is a 3-in-1 long-sleeve top. This cozy option can function first as a maternity shirt, then convert for babywearing by zipping on the cozy pocket attachment and placing your baby into it. Finally, it becomes a regular fleece by simply removing the baby pocket. This Jarazin top is available in several colors with either solid or polka-dot lining.

Per 2 in 1 Multi-Function Kangaroo Hooded Men's Sweater

If you live in a colder climate, you probably spend much of the year in a fleece or sweatshirt. The babywearing fleece by Per allows dads to stay warm while comforting baby at the same time. In simple black with gray trim, Per is available in four sizes, from medium to XX large.

Bonus: The Per Fleece converts to a regular fleece for dad once baby hits 15 pounds.

Vija Kangaroo Care Babywearing Shirt

Want a little more color in your wardrobe? Check out the Vija Kangaroo Care Babywearing + Nursing Top. Available in bright shades like jade and cobalt, this top will make a statement, while the V-neck design offers secure head support for baby as you move about the house. This shirt accommodates babies up to 15 pounds with ease.

Bonus: The Vija Kangaroo Care Babywearing Shirt doubles as a nursing top.

amropi Men’s Baby Carrier Kangaroo T-Shirt

Is you baby fussy? Pop him into the amropi men’s T-shirt for some calming daddy-baby time. This shirt comes in a sporty V-neck style and is made from cotton and polyester, so it’s comfortable for both. No need to fuss with straps, wraps, or buttons; just slide your baby into the pocket and you’re set!

Seraphine 3-in-1 Maternity Hoodie

While the Seraphine 3-in-1 Maternity Hoodie isn’t technically a babywearing shirt, it still earns a spot on this list. This soft, fleecy hoodie fits over a pregnant belly with ease, and once your baby has arrived, simply zip on the attachment. This hoodie fits over any of the above-listed babywearing shirts, as well as over any standard front baby carrier. You’ll stay cozy with the fleece-lined panels, extra-long sleeves with thumb holes, and convenient side pockets.

Which babywearing shirt will make it on to your registry? Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

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