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Holiday Countdown…Just Days To Go But There’s Still Time to Ring Up Registry Sales with a Holiday Gift List

There is still time to ring up registry sales with a holiday gift list

This year the holiday season seems full of conflicting consumer sentiments.  On one hand, many customers remain concerned about inflation and inventory levels, and those worries have prompted many to be more cautious, shop early, and look for discounts. At the same time, a strong desire to physically gather for celebrations and gift exchanges is driving customers to get out and spend. According to numerous industry reports, 95% of all Americans plan to have some sort of in-person celebrations, and gifts will play a big part of their festivities.  

It’s true that the majority of consumers started holiday shopping early this year, but there’s quite a bit of gifting still to happen. Millions of customers have not finished checking off their lists, and some customers have yet to start.

So, how to maneuver around these mixed messages and make the final weeks of the year brim with merriment and good cheer?

No surprise – we urge you to once again shine the spotlight on your gift registry and remind customers that a holiday gift list is the perfect solution. With big wishes and a few clicks, that gift list takes the stress away for everyone and you become a holiday hero for making it so easy.  We talked about this in our blog last month and now with the clock ticking down the final weeks of the year, we want to add in a few reminder tips here.

Quick Checklist:  Make a List and Check it Twice.


Did you:

  •  Add holiday gift list messaging in marketing and customer communications wherever possible. For instance:
    • Wishes can come true: A holiday gift list shares what a loved one wants, and makes them feel that the gift truly is about them and making them happy. 
    • All can be calm:  There is no need for those still shopping to feel stressed while frantically wandering a site or store aisles aimlessly.  The holiday gift list points them in the right direction – what to buy and even where to find it.
  • Remember to refresh your registry and gift list materials with the same festive holiday spin out you are adding to everything you are doing this month.
    • It’s not too late to update the hero image on your registry page or add new imagery or cheery borders to other content you share.
  • Hint at what makes a great gift.
    • That’s your chance to focus on products that are in stock so there are no disappointments, either.
  • Empower every associate to be a holiday elf and show how easy it is to create, or shop from, a holiday gift list.
  • Share good tidings with current registry and gift list users.  
    • Invite them to update a current list and share it for the holidays – or better yet, create a new holiday gift list.

The best part of all this...the more you do to make customers happy, the more likely they are to be more loyal and keep shopping in the future.  That sets up a vision of a future that’s bright and full of future registry and gift list use as well. After all, these active holiday gifting customers represent future registry users for a celebration in the coming year. It's a sure bet most customers will celebrate something in 2023 – maybe a major occasion like a wedding or new baby, a key milestone like a graduation, new job/new home, or a birthday, and your registry (or gift list) is there to help make those events go smoothly .

We’ll be back next month to talk more about the bright prospects for next year, but for now don’t hesitate to reach out for any last minute tips or a jump start on 2023.   

As you continue to move forward with your gift registry marketing plans, let us know how we can help! We can always be reached at

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