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Your Registry Dashboard – A Marketing Tool Kit For You

Your Registry Dashboard – A Marketing Tool Kit For You

In anticipation of a busy fall gifting season, we’ve added some new marketing tools to your dashboard designed to make your registry marketing efforts more time efficient and cost effective. Use them to streamline your workload and allocate the scarce resources of time and money towards programs that deliver the best results.

We’ve aggregated these tools together, and you can find them by clicking into the Marketing Tools icon on the far-left side of your dashboard screen. 

What’s Here and How to Make These Tools Work for You

CRM Integrations:  This new tool automatically integrates registrant contact information captured in your dashboard with the email or CRM system you use. So far, this integration is in place for all partners who use Klaviyo and/or Mail Chimp. Other platforms will be added soon. 

Connect your registrant information in just 3 easy steps:

  • Select your email system from the dropdown.
  • You will then be prompted to enter in your Private API key. This will ensure that registrant information is recorded in your database.
  • To complete this process and make it easy to target these registrants, specify the email list you want these registrants to be added into within your database. 

Once set, registrant information will feed directly into your system so there’s no longer any need to migrate the data yourself. Go ahead and include these customers in whatever communications and messaging you send out. Even better, target them for customized registry messages.

Google/Facebook Tracking:  Since businesses increasingly rely on Google analytics and Facebook pixel tracking to understand how customers are interacting with their sites and social platforms, we have made these tools ‘registry-friendly’ for you. Your Google and Facebook analytics can now work harder for you - monitor traffic to both your registry page and the ‘add-to-registry’ button. You can even track the conversions that take place and analyze customer behavior. 

To set up Google tracking:

  • Go to your Google Analytics Dashboard and note the ID numbers to both monitor traffic to your registry and measure conversions; each has a specific ID.
  • Enter those ID numbers here.
  • Now, your data will be reported in your Google Analytics dashboard.

To use a Facebook pixel:

  • Find the ID numbers in your Facebook Analytics and enter them here; your data will then be available on your Facebook Analytics dashboard.
  • Once set up, the pixel will log when a customer takes action – visits your registry page and/or clicks the registry button on a product page. 

Campaign ID Tracking: You’ve told us how important it is to measure the impact and return on every marketing dollar invested, and this campaign tracker helps you do that for programs designed to drive registry signups. You will be able to capture activity - even how a registrant entered your site - and track the conversions. That conversion tracker report will provide data so you can analyze the effectiveness of the campaign and then optimize future efforts to see the strongest possible return.

For any marketing campaign you want to track, follow these easy steps:

  • Fill in the URL for your registry landing page on the Campaign ID Tracking feature in your dashboard.
  • Give the campaign a unique name, that way data and results will stay clean and not mix.
  • Click ‘Generate Link’ and a customized URL (ID) for the program will appear.
  • Copy that ID into your program and let it run.

The tracker reports will appear in your dashboard, find them under the Signups report. Each registrant will be displayed by name (and other identifying information) and the relevant Campaign ID they responded to. You’ll then be able to assess results and even compare different campaigns.

Registry Rewards:  A feature available to partners who use our Basic Plus or Premium packages, this tool allows you to flag when a particular registry meets specific milestones – giving you an easy way to recognize and ‘reward’ the registrant for doing so. Whether you want to acknowledge when a registry meets a qualifier for added gifts or purchases, this tool will notify you when the desired parameter is met. You can also monitor event dates and acknowledge the happy occasion with a celebratory note or special reward. 

The program is versatile; you can set new milestones or even modify existing ones, whenever you like.

  • Select the parameter(s) you want to track.
    • Track gifting activity (gifts added to, or purchased from, a registry) in either number of items or set a dollar value.
    • Alternatively, you can set the trigger to know when a registrant hits an event date.
  • You can also choose more than one qualifier; in these instances, the program will only recognize when a registry meets all the requirements.
  • With your rewards program milestones set, check that you want to receive notifications
  • At any time, you can turn the program on and off, and even archive any old programs

Rewards like this are worth promoting in your registry marketing materials. Let them motivate your registrants to be more engaged and then reap the rewards  of more loyal customers yourself.

One Last Marketing Tool to Keep in Mind – Our Blogs. Every month we share best practices, useful industry data and assorted tips, all designed to help you select the best registry growth strategies for your business.

  • Hear about useful in-store and online tactics to make your registry more impactful and a stronger generator of new business.
  • Review best practices for developing powerful customer communications and messaging – what to say and where to say it.
  • Learn more about what’s going on across the gifting market and respond to consumer trends or just build your expertise as a ‘gifting resource’.

We’ll share a fresh new update every month via email; or check them out through this link on the dashboard. You can also find the library of blogs on our website here: 

Expect to see additional enhancements and new content added to your toolkit in coming months.

As you continue to move forward with your gift registry marketing plans, let us know how we can help! We can always be reached at

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