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Your Holiday Ready Registry and Gift List Starts NOW

Your Holiday Ready Registry and Gift List Starts NOW

As fall kicks in, it’s time to focus on revving up your registry for a strong 4th quarter. All the more this year as signs point to a very busy season – and one that is starting earlier and will be more competitive than ever.

The good news is that gifting and celebrations remain a top priority for consumers.  In fact, there is heightened attention on giving gifts that are truly desired and valued as well since no one wants to deal with ‘unwanted’ gifts, clutter in their homes, or the hassle of any returns/exchanges. At the same time, concerns about product availability and stress-free shopping are pushing customers to shop early and with more purpose.  They want to avoid risks of inventory shortages, delivery delays, and disappointments.

 …In the face of all this, your registry and gift list service can make you a real hero.  Customers who use it will find that it’s easier and hassle free to plan gifting that ensures recipients open every gift with a huge smile.

We’re hearing that many retailers are advancing their promotional activity to capture traffic and seal the deal ahead of their competitors. So, with all that gifting potential out there, let’s be sure you are prepared to be right in the thick of all of this.

Last month we posted a blog that described some helpful marketing tools we have available that can help you manage your registry and gift list business.  Used in conjunction with the reporting available in your dashboard, the goal is to reduce your workload (all the more beneficial at this busy time of year) and help you make more informed decisions about marketing efforts. For a quick reminder, check it out here.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a campaign of tips to help you maximize the holiday season with a specific focus on driving holiday gift list use.   Expect to see some tips for adding holiday cheer around your gift list both on your website and in your stores.  We’ll even share some ideas for weaving in festive messaging in customer communications as well.

Regardless of any other celebratory events going on in any customer’s life, you can rest assured that most of them will still celebrate year-end holidays. That means literally every customer is a prospect who would benefit from using a holiday gift list. 

As you continue to move forward with your gift registry marketing plans, let us know how we can help! We can always be reached at

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