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Spring into Action! Shower Attention on Your Gift Registry

Spring into Action! Shower Attention on Your Gift Registry

As the days get longer, temperatures warm up, and the world starts to burst with activity, it’s the perfect time to see that registry of yours blossom as well. That’s because the coming months are packed with gifting events of all kinds, offering lots of opportunities to put your registry to work.

Just Think About It…

Weddings are taking place this year at record levels as couples make up for time lost during the pandemic. As a result, wedding events are happening all year, and that means it’s always gifting season for these couples.

The stork is busy again this year as well, as births bounce back after a pandemic dip. Those new bundles of joy arrive every day, so any time is a good time to talk up baby registries.

Of course there are always birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate too.

And of special note, now is the time to help customers plan for graduations and new moves.

  • From late April into late June, expect to see millions of young (and not so young) customers don the traditional cap and gown as they transition to a new life stage—one that will prompt lots of gifting to accompany the pomp and circumstance. 
  • The coming months typically also bring a spike in new moves too. And with a desire to gather together again, housewarmings are the perfect excuse for friends and family to celebrate and arrive with a much-needed, or much-desired, gift in hand. 

On top of all that, customers tell us they’re more interested than ever in using a registry or gift list to make it easy and convenient to get just what they most want. 

So let’s get to it. It may be April Fool’s Day, but no joke—there are opportunities out thre for every business.

Be Registry Ready

First, let’s be sure customers know your business is available to be their go-to for any gift planning. Don’t be shy! We encourage you to talk up your registry and its benefits across your marketing and customer communications as well as in your stores and on your website. Find ways to add messaging to the marketing you already do, and make gifting expertise part of your brand DNA. 

Some quick and easy ways to encourage gifting and registry use:

  • Make your messaging relevant. Tailor messaging to the events and celebrations that are a good match for the gifts you offer, and even call out some gifts as “must haves.” Along with highlighting great products, it’s not bragging to share any useful tips and special perks you offer, including your commitment to providing reliable, hassle-free service and assistance. Whether it’s a mention in your advertising, a blurb in an email, a line added to store merchandise displays, a burst on your website, or a social post that spotlights a great gift—it all works.
  • Empower every associate to be a gifting ambassador. Encourage them to talk up gift registry to customers and friends alike, particularly how helpful it can be. Their enthusiasm makes them your strongest marketing tool of all.

Count on Us to Help Strengthen Relationships with Your Registrants…

Now it’s our turn. We know that all this activity will keep you busier than ever. That’s why we’ve stepped up our efforts to support you and even relieve you of some of the work.

  • Partner-branded emails are going out to your customers. We’re rolling out a partner-branded email campaign designed to keep registrants engaged with you. To prompt these registrants to add your gifts first and foremost, we’ll prominently display your logo and specifically mention you by name. While your own targeted emails can contain even more details about all you do for your registrants, these notes ensure that customers receive some messaging that reinforces their use of your gift registry. Any emails and other communications you add will firm up relationships and build even more loyalty. To start, there will be a handful of emails that:
  • Immediately welcome a new signup to your registry.
  • As needed, remind them (nicely, of course) to complete their signup.
  • Encourage them to add gifts—no empty registries!
  • Encourage them to share their gift list so it’s easy for family and friends to know what they want—and know those desired gifts come from you.

partner emails

  • More brand visibility for your registrants and their gift givers. Not long ago, we added partner logos atop registries viewed on our site. This reminds all those visiting gift lists that your store is the  “chosen” registry source.
    • We also set the registry default to display your gifts at the top of the list—another way we can support you.
  • And don’t forget to use our marketing programs on a regular basis. These tried-and-true programs are easy to use and give you more visibility on our site and social platforms. Take advantage of:
    • Product inclusions on our gift idea boards.
    • Social posts shared on our channels.
  • Opportunities to feature you in blogs, sweepstakes, giveaways, and more.

As you continue to develop your ongoing gift registry marketing plans, let us know how we can help. We can always be reached at
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