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Registry to the Rescue – Capture all the Seasonal Gifting

Registry to the Rescue – Capture all the Seasonal Gifting

You can’t miss it; the frenetic holiday season is underway.  While there is still some economic uncertainty, one thing is certain – customers are intent on gifting and celebrating all sorts of occasions this season. More gift shopping goes on in the 4th quarter than at any other time of the year. And this year, the data suggests that consumers will make gift spending a priority; some even saying that they will work more hours in order to have festive celebrations. 

That’s your cue to show your true colors as a great gift resource. We want to see you capture that activity. And with a holiday gift list in your tool kit, you offer a perfect solution to help address inflation concerns. After all, the inflation out there will only make customers more determined to make any gift purchase a thoughtful one and that’s just what a registry is designed to do.  Consider it a gift list that keeps giving and benefits everyone involved.

  •  Registrants:  The recipient (your registrant) is now likely to get just what s/he wants and can avoid the hassles of dealing with unwanted gifts.  
  • Gift Purchasers:  Since everyone wants to spend wisely these days, it’s more important than ever that a gift giver feels their money is well spent.  And what’s better than giving a gift that is warmly received?? Plus, these customers get the gift of stress-free shopping by avoiding last minute aimless searching.
  • You:  There’s a lot in it for you, too. As mentioned in the past, a gift list reduces the headaches (both in terms of time and expense) of handling returns that often end up as future markdowns. At a time when operating expenses have risen and staff is already stretched thin, the more you can focus on building sales rather than processing returns, etc. means more sales dollars drop to the bottom line.
    • To the extent that supply chain and inventory issues persist, be sure to guide registrants and focus them on gift options you can confidently fulfill!

Since practically every customer plans to celebrate a holiday this season, talking up a holiday registry/gift list will resonate with all your shoppers. 

How to Rev up Your Registry – 5 Quick Tips

Be on Message:  And, it’s a simple one:  Use a registry or gift list to make ‘happy happen’. Be clear, direct and compelling.

  • A gift list is the perfect solution for any gift planning activity.   So, be loud and clear:  a registry or gift list is the #1 antidote to shopping anxiety. Registrants do themselves and family/friends a favor by creating and sharing their desired gifts.  In fact, over 70% of shoppers say they appreciate having a list to guide them.

Be Bold with that Message:   This is no time to be shy or subtle. 

  • Add the message to all holiday marketing you are doing (whether it’s on your website, in your store, or in assorted marketing programs).  Make your existing plans work harder for you; a quick mention will do the trick.
  • Social media is a great way to engage customers in the process; invite them to share their lists and top gift requests. 
  • Good, old-fashioned word of mouth can be very powerful.  Your staff should all be encouraged to talk it up – and not just to customers.  Their network of family and friends represent a huge base of gift list users.

Be Festive:  Just as you are likely adding a touch of seasonal imagery to your website, store, and marketing communications, be sure to do the same with any registry materials.

  • Consider a quick image refresh on your registry page or create a cheery new look to registry signage and messaging. Appealing visuals are attention getting, so go grab it.

Be Holiday Helpful:  Talk up all you do to be a great gifting resource to complement holiday gift list use.

  • We discuss this all the time; don’t be shy about all you do to make the gift planning process seamless. It’s all the more valued at this busy time.
  • Share great gift ideas to fit their lifestyles and interests.
  • Back it up with the services and amenities you offer; advice and product guides build confidence while such features like gift wrap, curbside pickup, or other delivery perks make shopping easy.

Be Connected with Current Registry Users:  

  • Customers who have already used your registry for another occasion know what a helpful, valuable service it was then and can be again now. Encourage them to update an old list – even better, create a new holiday list. It’s just as important for them to get what they want at holiday as during any other celebratory events.
  • Those past gift givers are also a great target audience.  You made gifting easy for them, so now invite them to experience the benefits from the registrant side.  Share a few great gift ideas and invite them to have at it.

As you can see, we’re excited by the gifting prospects this season and want to see every partner make the most of the ‘giving’ spirit of the season.  We encourage you to boldly  present a festive, gifting mood across your business and show customers you are committed to making the holiday season merry and bright. Here’s to using your holiday gift list to wrap up every present with a big smile! 

As you continue to move forward with your gift registry marketing plans, let us know how we can help! We can always be reached at

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