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Looks Count—So Make a Good First Impression!

Looks Count—So Make a Good First Impression, you got this

As 2022 settles in, we’re excited by the prospects for a strong gift registry year. Last month we talked about expectations that we’ll see growth in gift registry use for all event types. In the case of weddings and new babies, both are predicted to rebound after seeing celebrations and deliveries dip during the pandemic, and use of gift lists for all sorts of other occasions continues to steadily gain traction too. (Read “New Year, More Opportunities Than Ever.”)

With all those opportunities out there, we want to see gifting become an even more integral (and bigger) part of your overall business—leading to more, and more, loyal customers and added sales. So we made a New Year’s resolution to do our part to make it as easy as possible for your registry to capture that business.  

Our 2022 New Year’s Resolution

Raise the bar and continually provide new features and programs to help you serve your customers better and see stronger registry and gift list results

Over the coming months, there will be a regular flow of new marketing features, software services, and tips that enhance your registry service and make the entire gifting experience more satisfying for your registrants, their gift givers—and you. These updates are all intended to give your registry more visibility and generate stronger customer engagement.

Fresh New Look for the New Year

You’ve heard the adage that it’s important to make a good first impression. It’s all the more true in today’s world, where we’re all bombarded by messages and a customer will decide in a heartbeat whether to engage with you. (I once read that a human has a shorter attention span than a goldfish—about six seconds.) 

Wherever your registry’s “first impression” takes place, it will be shaped by what can be seen, because appearances count, and strong content backs them up. The goal is to present an appealing and impactful image, one that not only reinforces gifting and registry but also aligns with your overall branding. That will entice customers to use your gift registry service.  

To do our part, we have features and tips to help you make a positive, lasting impression and a strong brand impact on our site and yours.

Stronger Brand Visibility and Name Recognition on Our Site

Customers who choose to start a gift registry with you do so for a reason—they have a special affinity for you and your products and consider you a go-to for their shopping. That’s valuable to you and something we believe should be strongly reinforced. So we’re increasing the visibility of your brand on registry marketing materials that we generate. 

  • To start, every registry and gift list originated at your store will be co-branded with your logo on our site, where it will be seen by both the registrant and any visitors/gift shoppers who check out the list.
    • Your customers will appreciate that you get this acknowledgment. 
    • And gift givers—many of whom may never have shopped with you before but want to select a gift desired by the registrant—will become aware of you and could shop with you in the future for themselves too.
  • Even if a registrant chooses to use the universal feature of your software and add additional gifts from other retailers, your brand will still be featured at the top of their gift list.

logo placement

More Options for the Appearance of Your Registry

Whether it’s embedded on your website, added to an in-store kiosk, or both, your registry landing page presents your gift service as one part of all you do to support customers and give them a great shopping experience.  

Think of it as the storefront to your gift registry: You want that first impression to wow. And that’s why we want to make it even easier for you to create a look that projects your brand in the best way possible. 

  • So not long ago we offered you more, and more diverse, design templates to choose from when setting up your registry landing page. It’s our template, but we give you lots of flexibility to use your images, fonts, and more to customize it.
  • In fact, we encourage you to regularly update the image for a fresh, seasonal look. You can make those updates anytime in your registry dashboard.

different templates layout for registry page

Don’t forget: You can maximize the impression of the image as well. We notice that in some cases, the iFrame is not set to match the screen width of other images on a website. To adjust your image, set the iFrame to 100% or whatever width you use for other images on your site.

Offer an Event Type Option for Any Celebration

Remind your customers that in addition to a wedding registry or baby registry, they can create a gift list for any occasion. We suggest you review the event type options you offer customers when they set up a registry. As we see increased registry use for all sorts of events (housewarmings, graduations, birthdays, the holidays, or just personal wish lists), it will pay to make it easy to create a gift list for any occasion.

Here we’ve shared a few ideas to strengthen the visual impact of your gift registry. We encourage you to give it more prominence as well, including mentioning gift registry in your site’s top navigation and footer so customers know you offer this service as part of your overall brand. Don’t keep it a secret, and make it easy for them to use the registry whenever they’re “registry ready.”

Over the coming months, we’ll continue to roll out more enhancements designed to make a stronger registry impression. And look for tips on how to create impactful content to complement your visual displays.

Till then, don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help. We can always be reached at

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