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It’s time to turn up the heat on your registry

Its time to turn up the heat on your registry

Here in North America the summer heat is already sizzling. Even as I normally love the long sunny days of summer, right now I envy those of you shifting into more wintery months. 

Either way, there’s probably a temptation to kick back and take a brief breather about now. After all, we just wrapped up a busy season of wedding celebrations, a salute to grads, attention to moms and dads, and the usual daily arrival of new babies and birthdays. But before you know it, all sorts of new gifting occasions will come your way. Weddings and births tend to peak in the months of September and October. New movers are enjoying housewarming parties as well. All of that is then followed by the frantic rush to gear up for year-end holiday gifting.

That all means that registry marketing can’t skip a beat. Now’s actually a perfect time to rev up your marketing and get customers thinking of you as they plan for the months ahead. And, we suggest you rely on social media. 

Why Use Social Media?

That's Easy; Enjoy…

  1. Tremendous Brand Exposure at Minimal Cost....Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter make it easy for you to share useful registry tips, etc. that can go viral with ease. Reach a large audience with minimal cost; and all the while totally control the brand experience.
  2. Opportunity to Listen, Learn and Promote More Loyalty....Invite customers to participate and share their own stories. You will gain valuable feedback, and your interest in hearing from them will make them feel valued. When customers feel valued, their loyalty increases.
  3. Access to More and New Customers....The more active you are across social media, the more searchable your business becomes and that directly leads to increased customer awareness.
  4. Reach Across the Entire Gifting Market….You know that young people are constantly engaged with one social platform or another, but how about the fact that even people over age 65 also use social media regularly.

Now....How to Make it Work For You....

With all of the different social media options out there, start with the ones most comfortable to you. And follow these tips to make your messages really pop.

Create your Dream Registry with Us!!

Looks Count...Visuals Matter

Eye catching visuals grab attention, express ideas and evoke positive responses more powerfully and faster than words alone. Use them liberally–not just as the main feature (as in Instagram or Pinterest), but to support key points in your conversations.

Headlines Matter, Too

Add headlines to organize your message. This way, you present your story in 'soundbites' of information that are quick and easy to digest.

And Never Forget....It's All About Your Customer

You want customers to make a personal connection to your registry, so your content (copy and the visuals) should shout it out that you–your products, gift registry and service–are there to help them. Highlight gifting tips, special offers, etc. and minimize any self promotion.

Be Social...Invite Conversations

Invite customers to post and share personal gifting favorites. You just might pick up a few great ideas. Also, feel free to pose questions; use them as a learning moment and encourage customers to weigh in with their best tips. They will feel valued while you build your authority as the expert with an open mind.

Repeat Yourself...Be There When They're Ready

Your goal is to be top of mind whenever a customer is ready to act, so keep up a steady stream of registry and gifting ideas. Keep it all fresh by a simple change of header or images.

Tweak Things...Align With Each Platform

Take advantage of the fact that each social media platform engages customers differently, so tweak content along the way. No need to recreate your message.

Network...Leverage Communities You Follow

Tap into the networks you already have and extend your reach...that's a great way to talk up your registry, promote special events or share promotions.

And if you’re really looking to make the most of your registry on social media and have any questions, you can always reach us at

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